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Heart care center in Yelahanka new town
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wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2018
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THE BEST CARDIAC HOSPITALS IN ATTUR LAYOUT YELAHANKA IN BANGALORE HEART DISEASE THIS SCAN MEASURES YOUR TREATMENT SUCCESS the carotid imt ultra sound is also indicated for persons with known heart disease or stroke history as a non invasive method to track the success of their treatments it is also useful in persons under 40 years of age if they have any of the above risk factors. and the test is available for anyone regardless of age or risk factors who just wants to know the health of their arteries
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THE BEST CARDIOLOGIST IN YELAHANKA NEW TOWN BANGALORE imt ultrasound is more sophisticated than other carotid than other carotid artery ultrasounds carotid artery imt ultrasound , this type of ultrasound is for more common type of ultrasounds that are advirtised in the mail. this scan shows how much occlision is present but the report does not distinguish between soft and hard plaque . which can be critical information for treatment decisions and they donot measure the all important arterial thickness