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THE BEST CARDIAC HOSPITALS IN ATTUR LAYOUT YELAHANKA IN BANGALORE HEART DISEASE THIS SCAN MEASURES YOUR TREATMENT SUCCESS the carotid imt ultra sound is also indicated for persons with known heart disease or stroke history as a non invasive method to track the success of their treatments it is also useful in persons under 40 years of age if they have any of the above risk factors. and the test is available for anyone regardless of age or risk factors who just wants to know the health of their arteries
diabeties doctor near me Can you get diabetes from eating too much sugar? Sugar doesn't cause diabetes. But there is one way that sugar can influence whether a person gets type 2 diabetes. Consuming too much sugar (or sugary foods and drinks) can make people put on weight. ... Weight gain from eating too much of any food can make a person's chance of getting diabetes greater.
How sleeping less than 6 hours affects your health After being awake for almost 14-16 hours, our body demands sleep. Minimum sleeping time required for a healthy mind and body is 7-8 hours. Although, this duration varies according to age. Because generally speaking, where a child can sleep for 12-14 hours, grownups can sleep for not more than 9 hours. Sound sleep is very essential otherwise, it can be harmful for our health. Let’s see how sleeping for less than 6 hours affects our health. Headache, weight gain and poor vision: When you sleep for less than 6 hours a day, it can not only give you headache all the time but can lead to a poor vision also. And if continued for a long time, may hamper your eyesight. The lesser you sleep the more weight you gain. And after-effects of gaining weight could be even more hazardous. Memory loss, heart disease, infection: Sleeplessness can have an adverse effect on one’s memory too. A person may find it difficult to remember even simple things. Also, infections can take a longer time to heal because sleep is something that stabilises and balances everything that goes wrong while we are awake. If we don’t get proper sleep, the process of healing takes longer. Lack of sleep can also elevate blood pressure which ultimately affects the heart. Urine overproduction, stammering and accident: Sleeping slows down urinating process but when you are awake for longer hours, you might have to urinate more than usual. Lack of sleep can also make you stammer while speaking. If lack of sleep continues, you may not be able to communicate properly. When you do not have sound sleep, your mental condition would not be stable because of declining concentration. You can be accident prone if you drive in such a condition. These are just a few of the ill effects. Sleeping for less than 5 hours is far more dangerous than you can even think. From behavioural to mental to physical effects, it can harm you in many more ways, So, have a sound sleep to avoid complications in life.
SAMIKSHA HEART AND DIABETIC CARE IN YELAHANKA NEW TOWN Dyslipidemia Average total serum cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels increase in men until approximately age 70 and then level off. In women, total serum cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels rise sharply after menopause and average 15–20 mg/dL higher than in men after age 60. Highdensity lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels average about 10 mg/dL higher in women than in men throughout adult life. Although the strength of association of cholesterol levels with cardiovascular disease declines with age, in part due to the confounding effects of comorbid conditions and nutritional factors, low HDL-cholesterol levels and high total cholesterol to HDL-cholesterol ratios remain independent predictors of coronary events in older persons, including those over 80 years of age. In addition, observational studies and clinical trials indicate that statin therapy is associated with a reduction in cardiovascular events in moderate to high risk patients up to age 85.3 In the PROSPER trial, for example, which randomized 5804 patients 70-82 years of age to pravastatin or placebo, those receiving pravastatin experienced a 15% reduction in the primary outcome of coronary death, nonfatal myocardial infarction, or nonfatal or fatal stroke during a mean follow-up period of 3.2 years. Conversely, limited data are available on statin therapy in lower risk patients and in patients over 85 years of age. Treatment of these subgroups must therefore be individualized based on an overall assessment of potential benefits and risks.
BEST HEART DOCTORS IN YESHWANTHPUR BANGALORE. CAUSES OF CARDIAC TAMPONADE; Cardiac tamponade is caused by a large or uncontrolled pericardial effusion, i.e. the buildup of fluid inside the pericardium. This commonly occurs as a result of chest trauma (both blunt and penetrating), but can also be caused by myocardial rupture, cancer, uremia, pericarditis, or cardiac surgery, and rarely occurs during retrograde aortic dissection, or while the person is taking anticoagulant therapy. The effusion can occur rapidly (as in the case of trauma or myocardial rupture), or over a more gradual period of time (as in cancer). The fluid involved is often blood, but pus is also found in some circumstances Causes of increased pericardial effusion include hypothyroidism, physical trauma (either penetrating trauma involving the pericardium or blunt chest trauma), pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium), iatrogenic trauma and myocardial rupture.