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the best diabetologist near me sglt -2 inhibitors may increase risk for amputation in type 2 diabets SGLT-“Because all SGLT-2 inhibitors share similar mechanisms of action, a warning for amputations as a class effect was applied to all SGLT-2 inhibitors after review of clinical trial data, ” they added. “Our study supplements this body of evidence by investigating the risk of lower extremity amputations across three SGLT-2 inhibitors and including a variety of additional outcomes of interest to patients, clinicians, and regulators.” The FDA has approved two more SGLT-2 inhibitors, dapagliflozin and empagliflozin, since its approval of canagliflozin, but their influence on amputations are unknown, according to the researchers.2 inhibitors may increase risk for amputation in type 2 diabetes