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GOOD CARDIOLOGY CLINICS IN YELAHANKA NWE TOWN BANGALORE Summary of recommendations for CHD risk factor reduction Assess the severity and presence of all risk factors: family history blood pressure non-fasting serum cholesterol (if greater than 5.5 mmol/L, or other risk factors are present, proceed to fasting HDL, LDL, trig.) diabetesn smoking dietary history. 1• CORONARY RISK FACTORS 23 Manage risk factors by: encouraging smoking cessation undertaking dietary modification: • ensure dietary fat is less than 30% of total kJ intake and less than 30% of total saturated fat • increase intake of fish and plant oils • restrict kJ intake if patient is overweight • reduce salt and alcohol intake in hypertensive patients controlling blood pressure with lifestyle and medication maintaining diabetic control encouraging regular physical activity using prophylactic drugs in high-risk patients • aspirin • statins • beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors after AMI • ACE inhibitors in left ventricular (LV) dysfunction screening relatives of high-risk patie
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